Analogue Systems


The RS 8500 cabinet is a neat 12U desk housing for Analogue Systems Eurorack modules.

It is made of walnut and was built skillfully by an English organ builder. It provides space for twice two rows of each 168 HP. The bottom half is slightly angled.

The strong PSU of the cabinet offers enough electricity for the power-hungry AS-modules. Additionally it also offers +5V voltage for modules with digital circuits. The PSU can be switched from 115V to 230V via a switch on the back of the case. In general, it is very clean and professionally designed.

All systems by Analogue Systems come readily configured and ready-to-operate with a 5 year warranty as long as they are not opened or modified.

The RS-8500 is delivered without modules.

Analogue Systems

Custom vintage analogue synthesiser system equipment.