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Trunk Lines

Trunk Line - brings audio to rear panel

There are three types of case for your RS Integrator modules: the rackmountable RS-10 and RS-15, plus the freestanding RS-8000. Whichever combination of these you choose, your access to the modules themselves will always be via the inputs and outputs on their front panels. In most situations this is ideal, but there may be occasions when you would like to make permanent or semi-permanent connections without trailing long cables across the front of the Integrator.

The RS-250 Trunk Lines is the means by which you accomplish this.

In use :

The Trunk Line offers ten standard Integrator sockets (3.5mm mini-jacks) in the same configuration as an RS-170 Multiple or RS-230 CV Buffer. However, unlike the Multiple or the CV Buffer, the backs of these sockets are not connected to anything - not even to each other. This allows you to hard-wire them to other devices, or to use multiple Trunk Lines to provide easy connection across a large Integrator panel. 

If you wish to connect CV inputs, Triggers and Gates to the rear of your Integrator, Analogue Systems will add ten sockets to the rear panel of your RS-15, RS-10 or RS8000, and install a wiring loom that connects them to an RS-250 installed in the front panel of your synthesiser. This is a particularly convenient way to make semi-permanent connections to other devices, especially when the Integrator is installed in a closed rack. It also allows you to connect your Integrator's audio outputs to a rackmount patchbay, effects units, or mixer without the clutter of trailing cables.

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