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CV Buffer

The RS-95N Oscillator is a premium, british sounding VCO with waveshaping possiblities. It has a new front panel design with elongated holes.

The CV Buffer is a dual active multiples.

With this module you can split signals without level loss. Besides that each unit has an inverted output so you have an inverter included.

Two identical units for buffered splitting of signals. The input signal is present at three outputs with normal polarity and once with inverted polarity.

In use :

The RS-230 CV buffer is an electronically active version of the RS-170 Multiple. However, unlike the RS-170, you should not attempt to use the RS-230 to combine the outputs from multiple source modules. It will not act as a mixer.

Each bank offers a single signal input. You may present a signal or CV in the range ±10V for distribution to other modules. 

Each bank offers three outputs that precisely distribute the input voltage with its existing polarity. 

Each bank offers one output that precisely distributes the input voltage with opposite polarity.

Analogue Systems

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